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This document is only a draft, the feedback we've received from the community over the consultation will help us shape the final plan.

The consultation document linked below provides a quick overview of the main points and issues we’re considering this year, however if you’d like more detailed information, we encourage you read the full draft Annual Plan document. With submissions now closed, we are committed to carefully considering what our residents have said about our draft budget.

Councillors will be hearing from submitters who wish to speak in-person and deliberating on 24 and 25 May.

For more information, you may also like to watch the recording of our online community meeting below.

Community Meetings (7pm - 9pm)

Ask questions and hear more about the Annual Plan from councillors and staff at our upcoming community meetings.




Rates Explanation


Thursday 7 April

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Monday 11 April

Ashburton Event Centre

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Ashburton Rates Explainer


Tuesday 12 April

Mt Hutt Memorial Hall

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Methven Rates Explainer


Wednesday 13 April

Rakaia Bowling Club

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Rakaia Rates Explainer

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Frequently Asked Questions

To use all of our forestry reserve now would leave us without funds for future forestry investment. It's important to remember that forestry reserve income is used to offset rates, so reducing investment in forestry too much now could impact on future rate increases

No, not currently. Just like the rest of building sector, we are experiencing challenges with supply-chains and Covid 19 which has delayed the completion date, however our contractors are doing a good job and we're currently within budget.

Under the Local Government Act 2002, the remuneration for elected members is set  independently by the Remuneration Authority. We have no say on this.

There are many different ways to lower levels of service. For example our facilities may not open for as long as they do now, the lawns may not get mown as frequently, the gardens may not be maintained to the same standard you see right now. It comes down to what the community is willing to see less of.

In short, yes the upgrades will get rid of ongoing boil-water notices in Methven.