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The Annual Plan is our budget for the coming financial year. It explains what we’ll be doing, how much it will cost and how we’re planning to pay for it.

This year we have several challenges to face, including the ongoing impacts of Covid-19, recovery from the May 2021 floods, high inflation and increasing Government regulation, all which put pressure on our budgets and consequently the rates we pay.

As a result, the proposed average rate increase across the district is 9.4%, as compared to the 7.8% planned for in our most recent Long Term Plan.

In response, we’re reviewing budgets for our day-to-day services and proposing to delay a few major projects. Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on this draft Annual Plan, submissions are now closed. Hearings and deliberations on the draft are scheduled for 24 and 25 May.

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An Introduction to the Annual Plan 22/23

Watch a quick overview of the Annual Plan, our challenges and the key decisions we need to make.


See how we got to this point and the challenges facing us this year.

It’s a tricky year, with the impacts of COVID-19, high inflation, government regulation and the May 2021 floods putting pressure on our budgets.

What we're planning

We’re taking steps to help address the challenges facing our district.

And we also have lot of other work planned.

Your rates

Check how the Annual Plan and property revaluations could affect your rates.

Find out how we fund activities, how rating revaluations work and use our calculator to see proposed rates for your property.

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We held community meetings online and in-person

Watch the recording and read the full draft plan.

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